A fantasy novel about Blood, Magic and Everything in between

Anezka is a Blood-witch with a grudge against the empire and so casts everything aside when the mysterious Fox offers her the chance to bring it down.

Erian is the cousin of the young emperor and his life would be perfect if not for the visions that plague him of his world torn in two. Despite being a powerful Summoner in his own right the Iifa cast him out as they slowly usurp the Empire they are named for and taking chunks out of the countries that surround it.

With one driven by revenge and the other by prophecy the best they can do is hope that they can stop the plan to make the Iifa Tree a reality and break the world in the process.

Updated Wednesdays


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten


Groups and Countries


This is a work of entertainment, fiction, and as such bears no relation to anything, or person living, dead or undead, or just dead for tax reasons.


I am not a precious author and if something is not working for you, please tell me, the same as if you spot any errors. You can’t learn in a void, so if you don’t understand something, or you think a character behaves other than you expect them to, drop me a line. I can’t guarantee I’ll change it, but I can guarantee that I’ll listen.


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